We have put together the frequently-asked questions and answers on different subject areas on this FAQ site for you. Click on the question to get to the corresponding answer. If there is no answer to an outstanding question, get in touch with us using the Contact Us form. We will try to answer your query straightaway.

  • Is Agent Artemis game for free?
    Agent Artemis in it’s final version will not be for free. At the moment it costs just 99 cents for an unlimited number of games. However, in future versions some of the features inside the game will cost money, too.

  • What I need to do in order to buy the game?
    The game can only be purchased from an AppStore, not from our website. Visit Android market or the iPhone AppStore to download the game.

  • Do I have to register to play the games?
    Yes, you will have to register within app(android, iphone).

  • How to get chips and points after registering?
    Coins can be purchased via money within app. There will be some default points and coins available after registration.

  • What version of android and iPhone are needed to play the game?
    For iphone- iPhone 3 or higher.
    For Android- 2.2

  • I can't play the game, what should I do?
    To play the game your mobile phone needs a GPS and a continous internet connection.


  • How the game can be downloaded?
    For apple device : You should visit app store, search it and download.
    For android: You should visit android market , download and install it.

  • A game isn't working , I should like to report it. What should I do?
    Try to describe the problem in detail in the forum. We will come back to you to solve the problem. Agent Artemis is not compatible with Android Versions below 2.2 and iPhones below iPhone 3.

  • How do I find target/hunter?
    The game will give the hunter a location list where the target can hide and some hints on how to find it. If you are a target you don't want to be found.

  • How do I visit locations?
    You have to tell the game that you are about to enter a location: the game then will detect if you have entered that location.

  • What do I loose, when I'm not able to find the target?
    You lose quite a big amount of points to the target. You do not lose game coins (money).

  • How can I purchase Artemis Coins?
    The coins can be purchased inside the game. You have to go to the payment page and select the number of coins you want to buy.

  • How can I schedule the game in advance?
    The game will automatically ask you to schedule a game. It is better to schedule a game some time in advance. This way you will have the time to chat with an opponent first before starting the actual hunt.

  • How and when can I create my challenge?
    You can create challenge whenever you want. In order to create challenge you have to visit "Create challenge page".

  • What is Interrogation?
    To be able to play Interrogation you should listen the people in the bars very closely. In Interrogation you ask comprehension questions to a player you have already been together with. The problem is that we will not tell you which player it is. The aim of the question is to find out which player it is, or if it is a player at all. To make this more dificult the other player can answer only with yes or no."

  • How many players can schedule a game?
    Every player can schedule a game whenever he wants. However there is yet no feature to schedule a game as a group.

  • How many players can create a challenge game?
    In the challenge section any individual can create a challenge.

  • When can I schedule a match?
    While the player is scheduling the game, the scheduling time should be greater than the current time. Time of two scheduled games should not be overlapped. There should be difference of one and half hours between two games.

  • How to invite players for the challenge and schedule match?
    You might try to ask individual players in the chat room, to take a challenge. However in all cases you need to create a challenge in the challenge section.

  • How to refer my friends?
    You can refer your friends using e-mail or facebook. If you refer friends from the apps built in refer feature they will receive some present in the form of game points. Your game points will also increase if you have successfully referred a friend.

  • Is monthly fee required to play the game?
    No, but you will need to buy game points.

  • How can I get in touch with you?
    There are a lot of ways of getting in touch with us. Firstly, you could use the contact form and write to us. There is also a normal e-mail address on our imprint to which you can send e-mails. You could also ring us up, but we would ask you first to ask us for the telephone number in an e-mail and we will send to you the same by an e-mail straightaway.

  • I don't get any feedback to my question. What should I do?
    If you put a question into the forum, you should receive feedback but it might take some time.
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