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A New Location based Game with thrilling mechanics

When you join Agent Artemis you become an employee of 'Anubis Security Corp'. Depending on your choice, you will either become a spy hunter or a target hiding from the hunters. The whole game is played in real locations.
Agent Artemis is a game for people who like socializing and freaking out. It is also a game for people who like to use their brains and not some virtual weapon or stats. In contrast to classical computer games, the interaction with the mobile phone is minimized. Therefore, playing Agent Artemis will not hinder you to enjoy the nightlife with friends and non-players.

What makes Agent Artemis Unique

The short answer is: everything. Agent Artemis is played while you are out in your favorite bars and nightclubs. In traditional role play gaming, you built a virtual character. In contrast, in Agent Artemis you play what you are – with the slight difference that you are a spy now.

Agent Artemis takes meaningful gaming to the next level by allowing people to play in a world in which they can improve their brain-power in a novel way. If you like exercising your brain while playing fun games, you will love this one.

Why is the game fun ?

The Hide and Seek aspect of Agent Artemis brings the fun meter to 10. You can play it while visiting your favorite cafes or enjoying your nightlife. Your city will become your playground and your favorite bars your hideout. Depending on which team you have joined your task is either to find enemy spies or to hide from being found.

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